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On 13 June 2022 Downing announced that it had exchanged contracts to sell its non-healthcare ventures business to Foresight Group Holdings Limited. The sale includes the transfer of the investment management contract for Downing ONE VCT plc.

You can find the RNS announcement for Downing ONE VCT plc here. A press release is also on our website. Full details of the risks of investing in a VCT can be found here.

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  • Current NAV and Total Return
    Share classNAV dateNAVTotal ReturnNotes
    Ordinary Shares31 January 202261.65p*102.9p*Adjusted for a dividend of 1.25p per share paid 25 Feb 2022
    Total Return measured since 2013 merger
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  • Forthcoming Dividends

    No forthcoming dividends currently announced

  • Dividend history

    Ordinary Shares - Past Dividends

    Date PaidTypePence per share
    07/08/2015Final 3.00

  • Dividend Reinvestment

    Terms and conditions for the Dividend Reinvestment Scheme can be found here.

    If you wish to enrol in the Dividend Reinvestment Scheme, please complete and submit the Dividend Reinvestment Mandate form. This can also be done on the Investor Hub:

  • Share Buybacks

    Downing ONE operates a policy of buying in shares that become available in the market at a price approximately equal to a 5% discount to the most recently announced NAV, subject to regulatory, liquidity and other considerations and allowing for stamp duty that may be incurred by the Company.

    Details of how to sell your VCT shares can be found at this link.

    If you are considering selling your shares, the VCT’s Corporate Broker, Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited (“Panmure”) can provide details of closed periods and the likely timing of when buybacks will take place. Panmure can be contacted as follows:

    Chris Lloyd
    020 7886 2716

    Paul Nolan
    020 7886 2717

  • Merger information

    On 12 November 2013, proposals were approved for the merger of six Downing VCTs, and the company has since been renamed Downing ONE VCT plc:

    • Downing Distribution VCT 1 plc were converted at a ratio of 0.713
    • Downing Income VCT plc Ordinary Shares were converted at a ratio of 0.353
    • Downing Income VCT 3 plc Ordinary Shares were converted at a ratio of 0.916
    • Downing Income VCT 3 plc E Shares were converted at a ratio of 0.870
    • Downing Income VCT 4 plc Ordinary Shares were converted at a ratio of 0.387
    • Downing Absolute Income VCT 1 plc Ordinary Shares were converted at a ratio of 0.842
    • Downing Absolute Income VCT 1 plc C Shares were converted at a ratio of 0.705
    • Downing Absolute Income VCT 2 plc Ordinary Shares were converted at a ratio of 0.688
    • Downing Absolute Income VCT 2 plc A Shares were converted at a ratio of 0.001

    Merger April 2010
    Formerly known as AIM Distribution Trust plc, Pennine AIM VCT 5 plc and Pennine AIM VCT 6 plc were also merged with this VCT. Shares converted at the following ratios:

    • AIM Distribution Trust shares were converted at a ratio of 0.34955038.
    • Pennine AIM VCT 5 shares were converted at a ratio of 0.30448703.
    • Pennine AIM VCT 6 shares were converted at a ratio of 0.40564181.

    SRRP April 2012
    In April 2012, the Company undertook an SRRP under which shares were purchased at 77.1p per share and issued at 77.9p per share.

  • Directors
    • Chris Kay (Chairman)
    • Chris Allner
    • Barry Dean
    • Stuart Goldsmith
    • Grant Whitehouse (Company Secretary)
  • Announcements
  • Share Registrar

    With effect from August 2021, the Company’s share register is maintained by:
    The City Partnership (UK) Limited
    The Mending Rooms
    Park Valley Mills
    Meltham Road
    HD4 7BH

    Tel: 01484 240 910

    You can see details of your shareholding, transaction and dividend history and update your personal details by using the Downing VCT Investor Hub at:

  • TIDMs, ISINs and SEDOLs
    Share classTIDMISINSEDOL
    Ordinary SharesDDV1GB00BFRSVQ41BFRSVQ4

  • Unsolicited telephone calls

    If you have received an unsolicited telephone call from somebody seeking to buy your VCT shares please visit our Boiler Room Scams page for more details.

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