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Welcome to Downing LLP

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Investing for return.
Caring about the world.

Downing's approach to responsible investment

Investing for return.
Caring about the world.

Downing's approach to responsible investment

Responsible investing at Downing

As a responsible investor, we invest for return while caring about the world we live in. Since we were established in 1986, we have invested in innovative companies and managed assets that positively impact society - whether that’s caring for the elderly, improving healthcare, building homes or producing clean energy.
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B Corp

In September 2022, we completed certification for becoming a B Corp for meeting high standards of social and environmental performance. We are now one of the few asset managers who have made a commitment to people and the planet.

Net zero

In April 2023, we made the Net Zero Asset Managers commitment. This is one of Downing's main contributions to limiting warming to two degrees and avoiding physical, economic and other irreversible impacts in this century.


Nature forms an integral part of our responsible investment strategy. By carefully considering the nature and biodiversity that inhabit the same areas as our assets, we have implemented measures that manage our wider impact.

Our portfolio in numbers

Actively identifying, considering, monitoring and managing ESG factors throughout the investment process and throughout the period of ownership enables us to create value for our investors and communities. Below we outline how investing with Downing can positively contribute to society and the environment:

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special education needs school spaces created since 2012, includes sites in development*

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property constructions funded since 2017*


assets managed across multiple technologies*

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specialist and elderly care home places managed since 2012, includes sites in development*

*as at December 2023

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B Corp

As a certified B Corporation, we are delighted to have joined 5,000 other companies committed to the ‘triple bottom line’ of people, planet and profit. We are strongly committed to continue improving our high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency - while working towards a sustainable future for all.

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Net Zero

By embracing the net zero carbon goal, we recognise the importance of aligning our investment strategies with sustainability and a greener future. This commitment entails a thorough evaluation of the carbon footprint of our investments, engaging with all our investments on environmental practices, emissions reductions and targets. We also support the development and financing of renewable energy projects and other environmentally conscious initiatives.

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solar installation team


We have integrated processes and assessment tools to ensure our assets do not negatively impact the natural environment around them. Through our framework, we engage with all investments on the subject of nature, strive to leave sites in better regenerative ecological condition, retain existing natural features and create habitats that enhance biodiversity.

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How ESG integrates with our investments

During the pre-investment process, we score all investment opportunities against a proprietary ESG scorecard. From this, we gain an understanding of sustainability risks, impacts and areas for future engagement. 

We maintain high standards and constantly improve our ESG practices by being signatories and active participants to industry frameworks and associations, and through strong advocacy with policymakers.

Case studies

Solar farm with sheep

Solar Sheep

Solar sheep maintain the land in which a solar farm is located in a fully sustainable and eco-friendly way while enabling dual purpose land use. The sheep support the biodiversity of the area by avoiding the use of pesticides, thus allowing local wildlife and pollinators to flourish and thrive.

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Earth Energy Education

Downing is pleased to be partnering with Earth Energy Education, a company dedicated to getting children out of the classroom and visiting renewable energy sites across the UK to educate them about green energy.

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Sustainability and Responsible Investment Report for 2023

In our second annual Downing Sustainability and Responsible Investment Report, we outline our approach to sustainability. At Downing, we do not claim to be saving the environment or society, or to invest only in the best-governed assets – but we are pragmatic and we recognise the importance of ESG.

Our Sustainability Report outlines our activities as a responsible investor, our key milestones, achievements and overall environmental impact.
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"As providers of debt and equity, investors have an important role in achieving net gain for climate and nature, positive outcomes and access to the systems for a society to function, and structures for boards, management teams and shareholder rights that provide strong governance."

Roger Lewis, Head of Sustainability and Responsible Investing

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