Downing Estate Planning Service


The Downing Estate Planning Service provides you with the opportunity to obtain inheritance tax (IHT) relief on your subscription after only two years (subject to conditions), while maintaining ownership and control of your capital.

The service aims to preserve your capital and achieve moderate growth over the medium term by focusing on businesses in two distinct areas: asset-backed sectors and energy projects.

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More product features

  • Further protect your family's inheritance
    • Downside Protection Cover: This policy protects your initial net investment against any loss in value of up to 20%. This is included as standard if you're under the age of 90 but conditions apply so please see the brochure.
    • Life Cover: This is an optional policy that covers 40% of your original gross investment (before charges) if you die within the first two years. Note, a charge will be made if this option has been chosen.
  • You're in control - choose to take an income if you need one

    We want you to feel you have control of your investment and can get access to money if you need it.  With that in mind, you can opt to sell some of your shares to receive payment distributions on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis. 

  • Current share price

    30 September 2021 share price (p)131.583123.813

We're here to help

If you are a financial adviser, or discretionary fund manager please call us on 020 7630 3319 or email us at

If you are a private investor you can speak to Downing LLP's investor relationship team on 020 3828 0975 or email