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Downing Fund Managers

Beyond the mainstream:
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Downing Fund Managers

Downing Fund Managers is a boutique, specialist investor that provides a distinctive suite of investments that differ from the mainstream. We pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial culture, in which experts are given the freedom and independence to support your successful investment journey.

Founded 2010

Drawing on Downing's 35-year track record


Strategies to suit the varied needs of our clients


Fund managers with UK, European and global perspectives


Actively managed mandates under one roof

Our products

VT Downing Fox Funds

The VT Downing Fox Funds range consists of four funds of funds. Each portfolio differs depending on how much equity, or 'growth', exposure they have, enabling financial advisers to recommend the option they feel is right for their clients.

VT Downing European Unconstrained Income Fund

The managers seek to generate capital growth and income over the long term. They aim to identify high-quality companies that have a long-term sustainable competitive advantage.

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VT Downing Unique Opportunities Fund

The VT Downing Unique Opportunities Fund (DUO) seeks to maximise total returns to investors over the long term by investing in 25-40 unique listed British businesses. These businesses are termed “unique” because we believe they can achieve superior returns on equity capital as a consequence of possessing clear and sustainable competitive advantages.

VT Downing Global Investors Fund

This thematically invested global equity fund focuses on opportunities created by the expansion of the global middle-class population. It aims to achieve capital and income growth by investing at least 70% in equities across global markets over the long-term.

VT Downing Small & Mid-Cap Income Fund

The VT Downing Small & Mid-Cap Income Fund aims to provide investors with an income by investing in a high conviction portfolio of between 30-50 companies. The investment process prioritises an attractive yield in conjunction with long-term capital growth.

Downing Strategic Micro-Cap Investment Trust plc.

The Company seeks to provide investors with long-term capital growth through a concentrated portfolio of UK listed companies, typically with a market capitalisation below £150 million at initial investment.

Downing AIM Estate Planning Service

The Downing AIM Estate Planning Service provides full IHT relief after two years by investing in a diversified target portfolio of 25-40 companies that are listed on AIM and carry out a business relief qualifying trade.

Downing AIM ISA

The Downing AIM ISA Estate Planning Service provides full IHT relief after two years by investing in a diversified target portfolio of 25-40 companies that are listed on AIM and carry out a business relief qualifying trade.

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ESG strategy

As active investors in a wide range of businesses that include smaller listed companies, our aim is to support our investees through their own ESG journey. The objective is that it leads them to a sustainable business model for the long term, with good levels of disclosure, particularly when it comes to climate-related risk and corporate governance.

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