Why we invested in Carbice

Imagine that for every single electronic device that you interact with on a day to day basis – phone, computer, television, kettle, oven, anything with a circuit board you name it – requires heat dissipation in order to function properly. Then there are the items that you might not encounter every day – high performance computing (HPC) solutions, spacecrafts, satellites. It is a little-known fact that one of the most restrictive factors that limits the progress of next-gen products is thermo-connectivity. This is an issue that only increases in a world that is digitising rapidly with devices that are getting smaller and for broader uses.

The thermo-connectivity landscape needed a brave pioneer, a scientist and a brilliant mind to spin the whole industry on its head with an idea so brilliant, so complex in its design yet so simple in its appearance that it would transform the way we manufacture things forever.

As well as being an award-winning scientist, Dr. Baratunde Cola is one of the kindest and most impressive people you would be fortunate to meet. His life philosophy is "Excellence Inspired by Service" as his driving force in life is people, helping them be their best and expanding his sense of understanding of the world in understanding them better too. This is the philosophy I believe he approaches every aspect of his life with which has led him to be such a successful scientist and problem solver. He truly understands the complexities of a system in order to be able to master the most effective solutions. Before reaching the age of 35, Bara was named as the top scientist/engineer in the country by the United States of America National Science Foundation – a duly reward for his work in the energy transfer and nanotechnology space that included numerous highly cited papers and patents being published. He was a fullback playing American Football at Vanderbilt University too. In the States, this is the highest of honours!

Bara has many thoughtful and important things to say about civil unrest across the United States currently and has put forward solutions to help move forward peacefully and powerfully. We all have a lot to learn from him at every level.

On the scientific level, Bara created Carbice Carbon and from day one I could see the transformative effect it was going to have on the world. The product was built for scalability and had jumped the hurdles that most materials start-ups face by decreasing costs at the beginning of its journey using government grants and commissioning projects for the likes of the US Army. Within this low-cost setting, Bara and his team were able to truly understand the product and after nearly a decade of maturing the manufacturing process, Carbice Carbon now only takes minutes to grow with a 90% uniform yield.

With the space and semiconductor industries already well in sight, the only way is up for Carbice Carbon and we are stoked to have invested in them and help them grow.