Moray Power (UK) Ltd

Northern Ireland

Moray Power (UK) Ltd is a set of assets that have a total installed generation capacity of 0.67 MWp. The assets receive 4 NIROCs per MWh for energy generated, which is sold to the commercial building occupants. Energy generated in excess of building occupier needs is exported to the grid. 

Soventix acts as Operations and Maintenance (“O&M”) services provider for these assets. Asset management for the assets is performed in-house by Downing. 

Key facts

Sector: Core Renewables – Solar 

Summary: 669 kWp consisting of a portfolio of 18 commercial rooftop solar PV installations  

Location: Northern Ireland  

Acquisition: January 2020  

Commissioned: 2014-2015  

Revenues: Northern Ireland Renewables Obligation Certificates (NIROCs): 4 per MWh. Long term PPA in place with diverse range of business operating in the buildings where solar arrays have been installed.