Chalkhill Commercial PV Ltd (Chalkhill)

Worcestershire, UK

The Chalkhill solar PV array, owned by Chalkhill Commercial PV Ltd, has an installed generation capacity of 180 kWp making use of Solarworld solar modules combined with inverters supplied by SMA.  

The corporate Power Purchase Agreement is with Muller Precision Engineering who are one of the largest privately-owned sub-contract machinists in Europe. The asset supplies energy to Muller’s operations and exports excess energy to the grid. 

PSH Energy Ltd (“PSH”) acts as Operations and Maintenance (“O&M”) services provider for this asset. PSH is a large-scale provider of O&M services to the renewable energy sector with c.650MWp of assets under O&M management. Asset management for the Chalkhill solar array is performed in-house by Downing. 

Key facts

Sector: Core Renewables – Solar 

Summary: 180 kWp rooftop solar PV system  

Location: Worcestershire, England  

Acquisition: January 2020  

Commissioned: June 2015  

Revenues: Feed-in-Tariff (generation) combined with a corporate PPA with Muller Precision Engineering