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Moray Power Ltd (Selby)

North Yorkshire, UK

The Selby rooftop pv installation, owned by Moray Power Ltd, is one of the largest commercial rooftop solar PV systems in the UK with an installed generation capacity of 2.4 MWp making use of Yingli solar modules combined with inverters supplied by ABB. The site supplies energy to Kingspan Insulation, with the excess exported to the grid.

PSH Energy Ltd (“PSH”) acts as Operations and Maintenance (“O&M”) services provider for this asset. PSH is a large-scale provider of O&M services to the renewable energy sector with c.650MWp of assets under O&M management. Asset management for the Selby solar installation performed in-house by Downing.

Key facts

January 1, 2020
 2.4 MWp commercial rooftop solar PV system
North Yorkshire, UK
 Renewables Obligation Certificates (1.7 ROCs), supply of power for on-site energy usage by Kingspan Insulation and export to grid of excess energy.
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