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Fresh Green Power Ltd - Commercial Rooftop Solar asset portfolio asset

Scarlet’s Rugby Club, Wales

The commercial installation is on Scarlet’s Rugby Club in Wales, home to the Llanelli Scarlets. The 1,000-panel array was fitted to the roof of its adjacent indoor training facility and was installed by Dragon Energy Solutions. 

The installation qualifies for Feed-in-Tariffs (FITs) and collects revenue from deemed export electricity and lease rates. The landlord benefits from discounted electricity produced. 

O&M is performed by Freetricity, a full-service Solar PV O&M operator.  Asset management is performed in-house by Downing. 

Key facts

January 1, 2012
250 kWp Commercial Rooftop solar asset
Scarlet’s Rugby Club, Wales
 Feed-in-Tariff (generation and export rates) and onsite lease rates 
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