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Freetricity Solar LLP - Residential rooftop portfolio

Various locations across England, UK

Downing established Freetricity (Solar) LLP to fund the installation of a portfolio of solar photovoltaic systems upon domestic properties, in which the homeowner receives free electricity, and the LLP benefits from Feed in Tariff income. 

These residential installations are typically between 2-4 kW and were installed and commissioned across 2012. They qualify for Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) support for a period of 20-25 years depending on when they were commissioned. In 2016, the LLP also acquired an additional commercial site. 

Freetricity have provided O&M services since the installation of the portfolio and continue to perform well. Asset management is handled in house by Downing’s internal specialist team. 

Key facts

January 1, 2012
1.5 MWp residential rooftop solar portfolio, comprising 465 installations
Various locations across England, UK
Feed-in-Tariff (generation and export rates)
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