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Curlew Power Ltd

Cumbria, UK

In December 2014, Curlew Power Limited acquired 16 x 600 kWp operational Vestas V42 wind turbines in Cumbria. The turbines had been operational since 1997/1998 with approximately 7-8 years of operational life remaining, with opportunities for re-development (repowering) or life-extension thereafter. 

The systems are accredited under the Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) regime, receiving 1 ROC per MWh produced. Additionally, the systems export all the power produced to the grid under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Smartest Energy. 

O&M is undertaken by Jacobs, with Asset Management undertaken by BVG Associates.  

Key facts

January 1, 2014
 9.6MW onshore wind portfolio, comprising 16 x 600kW Vesta turbines  
January 1, 1997
Cumbria, UK
 Renewable Obligation Certificates and export to the grid  
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