Green Puffin Ltd

Somerset, UK

This is the eighth farm-based anaerobic digestion opportunity to be brought to us by Greener for Life Energy Ltd (“GFLE”). 

The investment has funded a 499kW Combined Heat and Power ("CHP") generating facility in Somerset. Further to additional planning being secured, it will process c.7,300 tonnes p.a. of energy crop and agricultural wastes, animal manures, slurries, grass and maize silage to produce biogas which will either be used to generate and sell renewable electricity under the Feed in Tariff regime or used in a drier under the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. The AD technology is provided by Biogest, an Austrian anaerobic digestion technology provider. 

Ixora Energy is the current asset manager. 

Key facts

Sector: Renewables – Anaerobic Digestion 

Summary: 0.5MWe Anaerobic Digestion CHP plant  

Location: Somerset, UK  

Acquisition: April 2015 

Commissioned: September 2015

Revenues: Feed-in-Tariff (generation and export rates) & Renewable Heat Incentive