Tilling Energy Ltd - Commercial Ground Mounted Solar Asset

Devon, UK

Tilling Energy Limited owns a ground mounted solar system of 500 kW. The system was developed by Ethical Power Limited, an entity well known to Downing and with whom we have worked with on other assets in the portfolio. Located on a farm in Devon, the system has a 25-year lease in place. 

The asset was commissioned in March 2014 and accredited for 1.6 ROCs. Alongside this subsidy-backed revenue stream, the ground mounted asset benefits from a PPA export arrangement. 

Ethical Power Limited, the original EPC contractor, has provide O&M services to the asset since inception. The asset management function has been handled by Downing’s dedicated internal team. 

Key facts

Sector: Core Renewables – Solar 

Summary: 500 kW commercial rooftop solar asset  

Location: Devon, UK  

Acquisition: 2016  

Commissioned: 2014  

Revenues: Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROC) and export PPA