Nomansland Biogas Ltd

Tiverton, Devon, UK

In 2013, Downing funds invested to fund a new company, Nomansland Biogas Ltd, to develop a 1.3MW agricultural AD facility in Tiverton, Devon alongside Greener for Life Energy Ltd (“GFLE”). GFLE is an AD consultant and developer.  

The plant passed its electrical safety test in December 2014, when it started to export electricity to the National Grid. This ensured that the plant earns the projected Feed-in Tariff (FiT) subsidy. 

The plant is designed to process c. 25,000 tonnes p.a. of feedstock including energy crops, poultry litter, slurry and farmyard manures to produce biogas, which will then be used to generate renewable electricity. The site is now managed by Ixora Energy Limited.  

Key facts

Sector: Renewables – Anaerobic Digestion 

Summary: 1.3MW Anaerobic Digestion CHP plant  

Location: Tiverton, Devon, UK  

Acquisition: December 2013  

Commissioned:  December 2014  

Revenues: Feed-in-Tariff (generation and export rates) & Renewable Heat Incentive