Heulwen Solar Ltd (Iwood)

Somerset, UK

The Iwood solar farm, owned by Heulwen Solar Ltd, has an installed generation capacity of 9.8 MWp making use of Canadian Solar modules combined with inverters supplied by Power Electronics.

PSH Energy Ltd (“PSH”) acts as Operations and Maintenance (“O&M”) services provider for this asset. PSH is a large-scale provider of O&M services to the renewable energy sector with c.650MWp of assets under O&M management. Asset management for the Iwood solar farm is performed in-house by Downing.

Key facts

Sector: Core Renewables - Solar

Summary: 9.8 MWp ground-mounted solar PV

Location: Somerset, UK

Acquisition: January 2020

Commissioned: December 2014

Revenues: Renewables Obligation Certificates (1.4 ROCs) and long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Statkraft