Freetricity (Solar) LLP – Commercial rooftop solar portfolio

North East Lincolnshire

Freetricity (Solar) LLP owns a portfolio of solar PV systems installed upon domestic properties. In 2016, the LLP added to this portfolio by acquiring an additional 91 kW commercial site, SAR Recycling. This benefits from the FIT subsidy as well as through the sale of electricity to the onsite landlord through a Power Purchase Agreement. 

Freetricity Solar Limited provides O&M services to the asset. Asset management is handled in house by Downing’s internal specialist team. 

Key facts

Sector: Core Renewables – Solar 

Summary: 91kWp commercial rooftop solar asset  

Location: North East Lincolnshire

Acquisition: 2016

Commissioned: 2016 

Revenues: Feed-in-Tariff (generation) and onsite PPA