Corbiere Renewables Ltd

Near Fakenham, Norfolk, UK

In January 2015 Downing funds invested in Corbiere Renewables Limited to build, own and operate a 550m3/hour biogas gas-to-grid anaerobic digestion plant. The plant commenced operations in 2015. 

The plant is built in partnership with the Raynham Estate who provide feedstock, remove digestate and operate the plant under long-term fixed price arrangements. 

Key Facts

Sector: Renewables – Anaerobic Digestion   

Summary: 550m3/hour gas-to-grid anaerobic digestion plant  

Location: Near Fakenham, Norfolk, UK  

Acquisition: June 2015 (build and operate)   

Commissioned: June 2015  

Revenues: Renewable Heat Incentive, gas export and green gas certificates