21st Century Energy Ltd

Various, England

21st Century Energy has owned a portfolio of commercial rooftop PV installations since 2012. 

Over half of the portfolio was installed before March 2012 and therefore benefits from high Feed-in-Tariff levels. 21st Century Energy benefits from this subsidy for all electricity the panels generate, whilst the commercial property owners (the Company’s landlords) benefit from free electricity in place of rent. Electricity not used is exported to the National Grid and payment for this goes to the Company. 

Freetricity, the original developer, provides O&M services to the portfolio. Asset management is performed in-house by Downing. 

Key facts

Energy: Core Renewable - Solar

Summary: 403kWp commercial rooftop solar portfolio, comprising 17 installations

Location: Various sites across England

Acquisition Date: 2012

Commission Date: 2011 - 2012

Revenues: Feed-in-Tariff (generation and export rates)