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Duel is a new challenge platform designed for brands, influencers and consumers. 

Users upload a challenge image of their choice, decide on a hashtag and send it with a few extra instructions. The challenge sits on a microsite, to which the user links their followers from their existing social channels. Accessible in any browser, Duel works for everyone regardless of being on web or mobile.

Duel also has a game-like element called Duel Karma, which means people taking part in a challenge are required to make binary decisions on competing users’ photos. Alongside our Duel Karma algorithm, this establishes a ranking system with a clear, crowd-sourced winner.

With an emphasis on User Generated Content, the brand or influencer running the competition owns all of the highly shareable content themselves from the moment their followers start uploading it. Set-up is quick with users able to personalise Duels to include logos and branding, with bespoke options available for those wanting something more specific. Duels can last hours or weeks depending on requirements.

Duel was created by Daredevil Project Studios, which are based in Bristol and Greece, and make mobile and social products that encourage people to have adventures. Daredevil was founded by Paul Archer, a double World Record holder. Duel has been hailed as a game-changing idea by Joining The Dots, a support programme for entrepreneurial artists that is funded by the Arts Council and The Guardian, and most recently, Duel won the KITE Startup Pitch for Brand Partnerships at SXSW 2015, which was judged by executives from Unilever, L’Oreal and Coca-Cola.

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